pslam 8

Pslams 8

I burrow some Vietnamese bible cd tracks from my grandmother bout a year ago.  I told her I would mail her back the rest of the c.ds when I get around to burn a copy.  Well, that’s back when she was living in Orange County and now she’s in Vietnam.  I never understood back in a vietnamese presbyterian church.  I hated listening to the Gospel at church because it was tiring.  Presbyterian churches are boring!  No I didn’t hate the Gospel in church -I take that back. I knew if it was spoken in English it would be better to understand. But for some reason I understand listening to the vietnamese tracks while reading through the english or vietnamese bible.   There comes a time when I have to except I am vietnamese and that’s my blood.  I rather be an American girl and erase my vietnamese pride.  Perharps I should respect those who are martyh in vietname who really loves the Lord.  These days when you drive down on Bolsa in Orange county you see men and women walking out of coffee shops. SMoking, gambling, Karoke, and probably has intentions of cheating on their spouse.  You see the coffee shops in Orange county is like a bar. More like a coffee bar   Asian teenagers after high school break into partys and going clubbing, having babies at a year age.  What troubles me is to see at seventeen year old girl working at  a coffee shop wearing a tube top and trying to still fit in with a group, while she has a baby at home.  My family doesn’t really how wealthy they are.  Always talk of winning the lottery and buying a million dollar house.  They just refinciance the house and added new lawn to the front yard.  Paint the house fix the windows and backyard.  They now can afford satelite vietnames channel.  My mom has a car, my older sisters have their own car and linda shares a car with my dad.  Yet my mother is miserable. I pray for their souls because their needy.  Not only for family but salvation.  They’re not hungry for truth beecause they rather fill their emptiness with food, fights, grand kids, gambling, chinese/korean series in dubbed, and the vietnamese channel on satellite.

After High School I decided to go to church on my own and attended church with Hien in L.A.  I meet the Jourdens.  I fell in love with Pamela. SHe was my role model.  They left New Mexico and settled in SOuth Central L.A. because they knew there was going to be a revival there.   Last year they were called to go to North Carolina and then Ireland. I was excited to find out they’re coming out this february and probably returning for good!

I’m attending Sandals church right now In the CBU campus I love it! I love how the church is all about being real. Admitting we are all hyprocrites.  I like how the pastor doesn’t have to be a celebrity.  He hangs around this tent they call “tent Ten” and have a ten minute conversation with him after the service.  

I am also selling avon.  I think I have been getting a lot of customers lately.  whoa…